145 Head from Cole Schaffer also sold: 
(130) Angus & Bwf Cows, SM to S&S
(15) Angus & Bwf Cows, 3 to 5 years old
Bred to Baldridge Bros.  Angus Bulls

Due March 26th exposed for 60 days
Annual vaccination program

For more info contact:

Bud Brown (Owner) ~ 308-520-0212

Ogallala Livestock ~ 308-284-2071
Dwayne Mays (Ogallala Livestock) ~ 308-289-1870

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Ogallala Livestock Auction 

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Alex Brown and Sons

Thank you to all the bidders & buyers...

that supported and purchased our females offered at the December 11, 2017,

Special Female Sale at the Ogallala Livestock Auction


Recap of Alex Brown & Sons 2017 Offering: 

360 head coming 3-year old 2nd-calf cows

Angus & Bwf females that feature Baldridge Bros. Angus genetics.  A majority of these females are home raised with the balance coming from Mclachlan Ranches (also Baldridge Genetics). Browns have used Baldridge Bros. bulls and A.I. sires for over 20 years.  Due March 1 for 60 days.

A gentle, uniform and productive group of young cows that function in a working range environment. 

All Females have had following in the fall:
Vira Shield 6 VL5 HB
Poured with Ivomec  

Extras: Hotwire and cake broke.  All the cattle work is done horseback in a low-stress handling environment.