Alex Brown and Sons

 All 3's and cows have had Vira Shield 6 VL5 HB, Safeguard and poured with Ivomec this fall.  They have been running on meadow after grass and getting caked every other day. 

Extras: Hot wire and cake broke.  All the cattle work is done horse back in a low stress handling environment.   

Cole Schaffer: (55 Head) 25 head of Solid to Short Solid mouth red and rwf cows.  Bred Baldridge Bros. and Van New Kirk Hereford for March 24th for 60 days.  30 head black and bwf broken mouth cows bred Baldridge Bros. and Van New Kirk Hereford.  All of the 2016 Steers and Hfrs averaged 509 lbs. 

For more info contact:

Ogallala Livestock ~ 308-284-2071

Dwayne Mays ~ 308-289-1870

Bud Brown (Owner) ~ 308-520-0212

  Alex Brown & Sons

***250 head of all Black coming  3's bred March 1 for 30 days.  This is the front end set.  This is an outstanding set of young cows that calved on their own and were outstanding mothers all the way to weaning.  Great maternal instincts and easy to handle.  Cows carry several generations of Baldridge Bros. genetics and are bred back to Baldridge Bros. bulls.  

***110 head of 9-12 year old cows.  Bred to Baldridge Bros. bulls for March 24th for 60 days. The matriarchs of herd! 

Selling 360 Angus bred females

Monday, December 12, 2016 in Ogallala, Nebraska